Are you confident your social media program is moving your marketing strategy forward and staying true to your brand?

Socially Professional

Who We Are

Socially Professional specializes in social media marketing strategy. We help teams inside large B2B organizations with a global audience upgrade their social media program to support their marketing and business goals.

Real-world corporate experience, combined with a commitment to innovation, sets Socially Professional apart from other consulting firms.


How We Can Help

Socially Professional can help you create the right social media program for your organization, from strategy creation to enhancement to project support.

strategy creation

Strategy Creation

Create a complete social media marketing strategy.

program enchancement

Program Enhancement

Assess and improve your existing social media program.

Policies and Governance

Policies and Governance

Develop a social media governance policy for employees and business partners.

Workflow Development

Workflow Development

Generate workflow for social media and content teams.

Measurement and Analysis

Measurement and Analysis

Measure your social media activity against your business goals.

project support

Project Support

Supplement your internal team on specific social media projects.

Agency Partner

Agency Partner

Partner with your external agency partners to implement social media recommendations.

Effective Programs

Effective Programs

Enhance your business activity through social selling and ambassador programs.

The team at Socially Professional

Luann Edwards – Founder

Luann has nearly 20 years of strategic marketing experience working with global organizations, solo entrepreneurs, and small businesses. She is an expert in service industries such as Insurance, Financial Services, and Professional Services as well as experience industries such as Travel, Hospitality, and Event Planning. She empowers her clients to use social media to build and grow their businesses. She is a big-picture thinker who loves travel and technology. Luann has degrees in marketing, communications, and interactive media.


  • Maria Little

    Design Consultant
  • Christian Pope-Campbell

    Communications Consultant
  • Will Kammerer

    Social Media Specialist


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